Today’s Best Blackberry Torch Deals

There are a number of phone manufacturers that offer smartphones that offer more multi-media features and apps on their app offerings. One of the best examples of these handsets is the iPhone 4. It may cater more to your entertainment. SIM Free, it will set you back £549.00. However, it may be too expensive for a people who are looking for phones that will boost productivity. This is why this target audience depends on RIM. One of these phones is the Blackberry Torch. SIM Free, it will set you back £374.99. If you are looking to get the phone for free, O2 has more than one deal to offer.

“What are the best blackberry apps?”

Most of the phone plans offered by the UK network operator offers the handset for free. Some will require you to make an initial one-time payment. However, it will not be the full price of the smartphone. Each and every plan will require you to stay with the carrier from 18 to 24 months.

One of the best plans from the carrier is available on a 24-month contract. The monthly cost is £21.50. The plan offers 200 minutes every month. This is ideal for people who rarely use the phone to make calls. It is also ideal for people who love to text and access the internet on their smartphones. It includes unlimited text messages and a 500 MB monthly data allotment. This will allow businessmen to chat with colleagues via the BBM. It will also allow them to check on their work emails.

There is another Blackberry Torch deal on O2 that stands above the rest. It is available for £36.00 a month. It is ideal for people to mainly make calls on their handsets. The plan includes 900 monthly minutes. This is more than enough minutes to help you conduct your business even from outside of your office. It also comes with unlimited text messages. This will allow you to text on the Blackberry Torch as much as you would like. This is essential if ever you have used up all of your minutes. This plan does not come with internet allowance. If you would like to check on your emails or chat on the BBM, you would have to make use of Wi-Fi hotspots or a private wireless network.