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Increase Your Productivity With the Best BlackBerry

BlackBerry Playbook is a great device for business executives and business owners. It’s smart yet very user-friendly and lets you stay productive at all times. But in order to fully benefit from your BlackBerry Playbook you need to get the best BlackBerry Playbook apps. We have put together a list of the top 5 BlackBerry apps available.

1) Adobe Connect Mobile

Adobe Connect Mobile is a great app that lets you host, and attend online meetings via web conference while on the move. And it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. Adobe Connect Mobile enables you to work with both cameras in your BlackBerry Playbook-the 3 MP front-facing camera as well as the 5 MP rear one. You can either use the app on a monthly subscription basis or a pay-per-use basis. A monthly subscription lets you enjoy 24/7 support.


  • Lets you participate in any Adobe Connect meeting that is accessible from the web
  • Supports Live chat with other participants and Q&As with the host


  • The per minute cost in pay-per-use plan is high

2) Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go Premium is one of the top BlackBerry Playbook apps for working with business documents in MS Office format. Documents To Go Premium lets you read as well as create and edit files in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint formats. You can also view PDF documents. The app also offers two-way desktop synchronization that gives you the convenience of updating the new version of any document automatically.


  • Has a simple and clean interface
  • Supports cloud storage


  • Doesn’t support AirPrint

3) Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader is among the best BlackBerry Playbook apps available. That’s because it not only enables you to easily and efficiently organize all your business contacts, but also lets you add a new contact in mere seconds. Just snap a photo of a business card and its ABBYYS text technology will automatically read it and create an appropriate contact in your BlackBerry Playbook.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports import of images from your BlackBerry Playbook’s storage


  • Will not read even a slightly out of focus images

4) IdeaPad

IdeaPad is ideal for you if you are in the habit of making notes during meetings. There are in-built templates in IdeaPad that enable you to take written notes or make diagrams. You can also draw mobile user interface concepts using IdeaPad. The app is really simple and easy, which make it one of the best note-making apps for BlackBerry Playbook.


  • Has a clean and simple interface


  • Doesn’t offer many features

5) Easy Agenda

Easy Agenda is among the very simple yet useful BlackBerry Playbook apps for business executives and business owners as it enables them to easily keep track of meetings or conferences with exact date and time.


  • Lets you check all your scheduled programs with a single glance


  • Not a very feature-rich app

Mike Peric is with York Computer Services, a computer technology company helping small business owners manage, protect and grow their businesses.