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Today’s Best Blackberry Torch 9810 Deals Offered by O2

If you are a big fan of the 9800, you will be happy to know that Research In Motion (RIM) has now released the handset’s successor the 9810. Upon first look at both handsets, there really isn’t any difference when it comes to design. However, there are tons of differences within. If you’re looking for a more powerful version of the original 9800, we are happy to tell you that UK network operator O2 has a number of deals available for you. Here, you will get to know about two of the best Blackberry Torch 9810 deals offered by the said carrier.

Upon first glance, both predecessor and successor look exactly the same. However, if you pop the hood, you will notice a lot of improvements. First of all, the new smartphones comes with a 5 megapixel that can record videos in 720p. This was not possible with the previous version. Another enhancement is the phone’s OS. This new smartphone comes pre-installed with the BB 7 OS. This is the latest iteration of Blackberry’s operating system. Aside from software, the phone also packs a beefier processor under the hood. It sports a 1.2 GHz single-core processor. This is essentially more powerful compared to processors on popular handsets such as the iPhone 4.

Here are the best Blackberry 9810 deals offered by O2. The first plan will set you back £21.50 every month. It comes with 200 minutes, unlimited SMS, and 500 MB of internet allowance per month. This is a deal for people who don’t usually call. It is ideal for users who constantly text, check their emails, browse the internet, and chat on the BBM. This comes with a 24-month contract. To get the phone, you will be required to make a one-time payment of £49.00.

The second Blackberry 9810 deal will set you back £24.00 a month. It comes with 200 minutes, unlimited SMS, and 100 MB of internet allowance per month. This phone plan is ideal for people who mainly use SMS as their means of communication. It will also allow you to check on emails and chat on the BBM since these services do not require too much data. This too comes with a 2 year contract. However, it does not require any initial payment for the phone. It comes free with the deal.

Blackberry Curve 8900 Or Nokia E72

Blackberry Curve 8900 which is a T Mobile exclusive smartphone and Nokia E72 both are business oriented mobile phones equipped with QWERTY keyboard and other various features. Both of these are targeted at business people who generally have to move here and there for business purpose. For buyers’ convenience, we are going to provide some information regarding both of the handsets so that they can easily decide which one is the best according to them.

Both of the phones are featured with 2.4 inches TFT colour screen but with different screen resolution and display colours as Blackberry 8900 has 480 x 360 Pixels screen resolution and it offers 65k colours. While Nokia E72′ screen displays 16 Million colours at 320 x 240 Pixels resolution. The first one is around of 110 grams and comes with physical dimensions of 109 x 60 x 13.5 mm and second one is of 128 grams and measures 114 x 58 x 10 mm.

The Curve 8900 imparts 3.2 megapixel camera furnished with Auto Focus, Flash, Camera Settings and video recording facility while 5 MP camera of Nokia E72 has Auto Focus, LED Flash, Flash Mode, Capture Mode and Video Recorder. Apart from these, Picture Blogging, Video Streaming and for video calling you will get a front facing camera too.

In terms of connectivity features Nokia is one step ahead from Blackberry as it has imparted 3G HSDPA, HSUPA, WLAN Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, HSCSD, GPRS, and EDGE to its phone but unfortunately Blackberry has missed out 3G technology. If you want to access Internet, the Curve 8900 possesses HTML browser only Nokia E72 brings along HTML & XHTML browser as well as Nokia browser.

SMS, MMS, Wireless Email and Instant Messaging are the messaging services available on Blackberry Curve 8900 but Nokia E72′ services are SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging and Email with Attachment. Both of the phones are capable to expand up to 16 GB memory but internally, the former one comes with 256 MB memory and the latter one renders 250 MB storage and 128 MB RAM.

GPS navigation system is also equally presented in both of the devices with their maps capabilities (Blackberry Maps in Curve 8900 & Nokia Maps Application in Nokia E72). All documental works can be handled on Nokia E72 by using PDF viewer and document editor but sadly you can’t do it through Blackberry’s phone. Blackberry’s widget provides 5.5 hours talk time and 360 hours standby time while Nokia is much superior in the term as it is capable to serve standby time around 480 hours of (2G)/576 hours of (3G) and talk time about 12 hours 30 min of (2G)/6 hours of (3G).

The Best Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Deals Offered By O2

RIM’s Bold 9900 is extremely popular among businessmen. This is what Research In Motion (RIM) was previously known for. Now, it offers a smartphone that is quickly gaining popularity among the youth. This is the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300. If you are looking for the best deals O2 offers on the handset, you will get to know more about these plans here.

Among RIM’s handsets, this phone does not come with the most cutting-edge features mobile technology has to offer. However, it is both trendy and affordable. This is why the smartphone is preferred by today’s youth. It comes in a variety of colors. These include its original color, pink, purple, red, shadow blue, violet, and white. Aside from offering an assortment of colors, it will allow its users to enjoy more the highly popular BBM with group chat. Its QWERTY keyboard will allow you to chat away with ease. Since it comes pre-installed with the BB OS version 7.0, you will get to enjoy more from apps and games. With social integration, you can frequent Facebook and Twitter on the go.

Now for the deals on UK network operator O2. The carrier has a number of deals to offer. All Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 deals offer the handset for free with a 24-month contract. There are even plans that only require you to sign up for an 18-month contract. However, there are two contracts that offer the most out of the rest.

The first deal is offered at £47.00 a month for two years. This plan comes with 1200 monthly minutes. This will allow you to talk more on the phone. SMS will never be a problem. It offers unlimited text messages. It also comes with 500 MB of internet allowance every month. This will allow you to browse, email, and chat on the BBM on the go.

The second of the best Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 deals will allow you to get your hands on the phone for £21.50 every month for two years. This is a good budget plan. There is no initial cash out for the phone. The plan includes 100 monthly minutes. This is ideal for people who do not talk on the phone as much. It comes with 500 free text messages a month. It also comes with 500 MB of internet allowance every month. It may not come with unlimited text messages. However, it does come with enough data allotment that will allow you to enjoy more from unlimited messages via the BBM.

Best BlackBerry Curve 9360 Deals From O2

RIM’s new handsets such as the Torch 9860 are definitely turning heads among BlackBerry’s enthusiasts. However, this is a high-end smartphone. This simply means that the phone also comes with a hefty price tag. If you are looking for some more affordable but dependable, the UK network operator has a number of BlackBerry Curve 9360 deals for you. Here, you will get to know the two best deals the carrier has available.

This new handset comes with specifications that will not let you down and will get the job done. It is designed to allow you to better check your emails and chat on the BBM. It is also designed for easier typing. This will allow you to send and reply to text messages with ease. It comes with a 2.44 inch TFT display that is adequate for viewing content. Below the phone’s display is the usual QWERTY keyboard. With easy access to its keyboard, responding to emails and replying to text messages will be more efficient. It comes packed with a dependable 800 MHz single-core processor that will get the job done. It also comes pre-installed with the latest software RIM has to offer. It runs on the BB 7 OS.

O2 has two BlackBerry Curve 9360 deals that will allow you to better take advantage of the phone’s features. Both come with 24-month or two-year contracts. Best of all, the phone is free with each deal. You do not have a single penny to take the smartphone home.

You do not have to worry about expensive plans for the handset. The first deal costs £21.50 each and every month for two years. The phone plan includes 200 minutes. This will allow you make calls when needed. It comes with unlimited text messages. This will allow you to send and receive as many SMS as you would want. Lastly, it comes with a 500 MB internet allowance every month. This will allow you to make use of the BBM, browse, and email on the go.

The other BlackBerry Curve 9360 deal costs £24.00 a month. This comes with 300 monthly minutes. This will allow you to make voice calls more often. It also comes with unlimited text messages. Lastly, it comes with a 100 MB monthly internet allowance. This will allow you to occasionally check on emails and browse the internet. However, this is enough to enjoy more from free messages with the BBM since this mobile IM does not require a lot of data.