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What Are the Best Blackberry Apps?

As an avid Blackberry user I often get asked about the best Blackberry applications are. Quite honestly I want to respond, “it depends on who you are and what you like.” The truth is if you have a particular interest or hobby, there’s probably a Blackberry app for it. Most developers that develop for iPhone have also been or are starting to develop apps for Blackberry.

Nonetheless, there are a few types of apps that do surface as the big hits.

Here are a few examples of apps that you will find useful:

1. Internet access everywhere is key for a lot of folks especially those that travel frequently, so Tetherberry is an absolute must have. It basically helps you tether your Berry to your laptop and use your wireless plan to get you to the Net.
2. Voice recognition is probably the next biggest thing. For that, either Voice on the Go or Vlingo are the apps to have. If you aren’t voice-enabled you are old school (and not in a cool way).
3. It is always helpful to have a good alarm clock and some of the recent apps will help in this department. Two alarm applications worth checking out are Blackberry Alerts and BBSmart Alarms. You cannot go wrong with either one.
4. As we all know it is crucial to know what is going on with the weather, especially if you are about to hit the road. An app worth checking out is My-Cast Weather although both Weather Channel and WeatherBug have loyal followings as well.
5. And finally it is essential to have a TV app. For this MobiTV and SPB TV are solid apps. I personally prefer SPB TV since it does not require a monthly subscription.

Obviously this list just scratches the surface of the type of apps available. Navigation apps are also taking off right now and with the Android offering free turn-by-turn navigation it is only a matter of time before Blackberry follows suit.