Get the Best Blackberry 8310 Deals

The Blackberry mobile phones are so compelling – you love it or hate it. But you cannot ignore it. However, in most of the cases, people uses the Blackberry as their office present it to stay in touch through email and voice wherever the person is. And very soon, the phone becomes an inseparable part of the user by keeping the person up to date, and connected.

There are different distinct features of the Blackberry handsets and the keypad is certainly the one. It differs widely from the typical 12 standard keys that are found in all the other handsets. Rather, it has a QWERTY keyboard format where the 10 buttons double up as number of quick dialing.

Thanks to this set up, the Blackberry works extremely well for the writing of emails very fast. At the same time, it is very helpful regarding text massages, presentations. However, for the first time users, this can be a bit difficult to use.

In the past few years, the Blackberry range of phones has taken the limelight. One of the reasons for that is the fact that the Blackberry mobile phones are constantly updating themselves with the latest technologies and innovative features. Thus, each of the latest features has something new to offer.

Following the path, the latest version of the company, The Blackberry 8310 Curve has some new features and is an upgraded version of the 8300 model of the last year. Well, the handset has everything that the previous version has. Apart from that, there is one new feature in it – the GPS Navigation system thanks to the Vodafone Sat Nav. This feature has transformed the phone from a simple PDA to a Satellite Navigation System. Thanks to this, the user can enjoy the journey by finding the route and avoid traffic jams.

Actually, the Blackberry 8310 takes the help of the built-in map database along with the Vodafone Sat Nav. Thanks to this approach; the device offers an all in one navigation system within this stylish little piece of handset. Though the system in unavailable on board, it otherwise provides the latest information regarding navigation.

Apart from this features, there are plenty of other things that has made the handset such an attractive piece. It has a 2.0 megapixel camera with a built in LED flash. It supports playback via on board media player, and video recording. Also, there is 5x digital zoom. Again, the GPRS and EDGE technologies enable the phone to download everything faster. Also, it gives you access you to the Vodafone Live where you can get news, music and other entertainment.

You can easily connect the phone to the PC with a miniUSB so that you can upload files. There are other options like Bluetooth as well as the handsfree car kits to ensure safe driving. The phone has an expandable memory of up to 4 GB where you can store a lot of pictures, music, games and other applications. Te phone is certainly ideal for the business communication.