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Tips on How to Look for the Best Blackberry Accessory Deals For Your Cell Phone

Smart phone have started an evolution of their own that everyone has got one or wants one. If you too follow the trends of popular modern culture and have got a Blackberry smart phone, then you would think it’s amazing what the phone can do, right? Well, there’s more to it! Manufacturers have come up with a wide range of accessories to further enhance the phone, giving you even more perks and benefits to enjoy. So if you’re looking for good deals on Blackberry accessories, here are a few tips to help you.

First you could always just go to any Blackberry accessory store and pick out the items you’d like, but this definitely won’t give you the best deal available unless it’s during a stock clearance or sales period. So forget malls and stores and take advantage of our recent technology advancement and shop for your accessories online. The World Wide Web is filled with so many stores for almost anything at all, so you can actually do your window shopping virtually and take your time to make your purchases as well.

What you need to do is ensure that you’ve got a good internet connection so you can freely do your shopping for as long as you want without getting disconnected. You would also need a method of payment, all sites accept credit cards and most of them allow online transactions via PayPal account. When you’ve got that, open up your browser and start searching for online Blackberry accessory stores. You would come across quite a lot, so take time to check each and every one of them to find the one that offers the best deals. Don’t start purchasing the items immediately because you don’t want to buy things you won’t use. So it would be best to know what each add-on is used for and decide which you want, and only then you start looking for those items in particular.

If you’re new to the Blackberry world and don’t know which items are more important that others, you could try going with the ones are the most commonly bought which are protection accessories which as covers, casings, pouches and skins and then the necessary add-ons would be the memory card, car charger and the Blackberry dock.

Buying them online are generally cheaper compared to regular store prices because these sellers don’t have as much financial commitments in terms of building rental charges and utility fees. To help save even more money, you should look for sites that offer packages or great discounts when you purchase more than one item so that you can buy all the accessories that you need from one site. Besides that, you could also look for stock clearance deals on manufacturer’s sites which give you items that are greatly marked down.

In a nutshell, although Blackberry accessories are expensive, you can score some pretty good deals when you opt to shop for them online, so get on your PC and go on a virtual spree.

Compare the Best BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone Prices

You may already know about the features and capabilities that come with RIM’s (Research in Motion) latest in their smartphone series the BlackBerry Torch 9800. If so it’s likely you’ve set your mind on buying the Torch 9800 either outright on some SIM-Free or PAYG deal or are considering looking into a BlackBerry Torch contract.

You Have The Power!

Running on the latest BlackBerry OS 6.0; and powered by a 624 MHz CPU processor and 512 MB RAM with a 512 MB ROM which makes it more powerful than some of today’s desktop PC’s and laptops!

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is capable of meeting the needs and desires of most of today’s technologically-phobic (or not) users. If looking for the most recent and latest smartphone on the market the Torch 9800 is designed to suit both the business minded and even personal users alike. Considered the pinnacle in mobile technology, the Torch 9800 smartphone has a wide mixture of features as you’d expect from SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM to GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, HSDPA, Bluetooth, MicroUSB, the list goes on. 3.2″ (360×480 pixels) TFT capacitive, multi-touch, touch-sensitive, touch-screen with proximity sensor. Along with an Optical Trackpad and full slide-out QWERTY keyboard combined make for improved handling and super fast menu navigation.

Add a generous splash of Social Media and Networking applications, a handfull of Office and Document editing apps and many Multi-media features for playing / listening to / watching many of today’s music and movie file formats like MP3/WMA/eAAC+/FlAC/OGG and DivX/XviD/MP4/WMV files. Which you can play on headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack or directly through the Torch’s speaker phone which sounds great and has a great “frequency response noise level” when compared to previous models. An option for 32GB of storage space ensures you have enough space for all the things you download and add to the phone. Including movies and pictures taken and recorded on the Torch itself. Taking high resolution pictures at 2592×1944 pixels, there’s a good 5 Megapixel LED flash camera with continuous auto-focus and image stabilization with Geo-tagging for quick tagging and uploading to your favourite places.

All put together in what can only truthfully be described as “the most gorgeous looking smartphone on the planet”. Plus the BlackBerry Torch is now available in a different array of colours. Only originally being sold in black at first there are now White, Red, Orange or Black colours available.

Safely Find the Best BlackBerry Torch 9800 Prices

When wanting to buy the BlackBerry Torch you are wise to consider using the internet to perform research first. Think of it as window shopping but a lot of people lose out on better deals and sometimes end up paying more for the same deal because they never took the time to browse and compare deals and prices first. By doing so you’ll be much more likely to get the best BlackBerry Torch 9800 price for you based on your needs or budget. Many people already know you can save money by buying items online. And the same applies for BlackBerry smartphones. Only buying from reputed websites and businesses or sites that compare the prices that websites and companies like these have for BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones. By being able to compare all of their prices on one website you manage to save time and get the best priced Torch deal for you.

Increase Your Productivity With the Best BlackBerry

BlackBerry Playbook is a great device for business executives and business owners. It’s smart yet very user-friendly and lets you stay productive at all times. But in order to fully benefit from your BlackBerry Playbook you need to get the best BlackBerry Playbook apps. We have put together a list of the top 5 BlackBerry apps available.

1) Adobe Connect Mobile

Adobe Connect Mobile is a great app that lets you host, and attend online meetings via web conference while on the move. And it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. Adobe Connect Mobile enables you to work with both cameras in your BlackBerry Playbook-the 3 MP front-facing camera as well as the 5 MP rear one. You can either use the app on a monthly subscription basis or a pay-per-use basis. A monthly subscription lets you enjoy 24/7 support.


  • Lets you participate in any Adobe Connect meeting that is accessible from the web
  • Supports Live chat with other participants and Q&As with the host


  • The per minute cost in pay-per-use plan is high

2) Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go Premium is one of the top BlackBerry Playbook apps for working with business documents in MS Office format. Documents To Go Premium lets you read as well as create and edit files in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint formats. You can also view PDF documents. The app also offers two-way desktop synchronization that gives you the convenience of updating the new version of any document automatically.


  • Has a simple and clean interface
  • Supports cloud storage


  • Doesn’t support AirPrint

3) Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader is among the best BlackBerry Playbook apps available. That’s because it not only enables you to easily and efficiently organize all your business contacts, but also lets you add a new contact in mere seconds. Just snap a photo of a business card and its ABBYYS text technology will automatically read it and create an appropriate contact in your BlackBerry Playbook.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supports import of images from your BlackBerry Playbook’s storage


  • Will not read even a slightly out of focus images

4) IdeaPad

IdeaPad is ideal for you if you are in the habit of making notes during meetings. There are in-built templates in IdeaPad that enable you to take written notes or make diagrams. You can also draw mobile user interface concepts using IdeaPad. The app is really simple and easy, which make it one of the best note-making apps for BlackBerry Playbook.


  • Has a clean and simple interface


  • Doesn’t offer many features

5) Easy Agenda

Easy Agenda is among the very simple yet useful BlackBerry Playbook apps for business executives and business owners as it enables them to easily keep track of meetings or conferences with exact date and time.


  • Lets you check all your scheduled programs with a single glance


  • Not a very feature-rich app

Mike Peric is with York Computer Services, a computer technology company helping small business owners manage, protect and grow their businesses.

The Best Blackberry Mobile Phone?

Blackberry Storm is a rather cool mobile phone for business use. It really looks good on the outside but you will have to judge it yourself on the inside.

First thing first, you will notice the amazing big touch screen that will allow you to do all sorts of things. From composing emails to sending text messages, you will feel ‘grand’ by using the touch screen. With 65,000 colours for the screen, it is as sharp as you imagine.

“Blackberry curve torch 9860?”

Give and take and you get yourself a 3.2MP camera that seems to be lacking considering the fact that most mobile phones on the same par have at least 5MP but that should not be a disappointment because you don’t need a high resolution camera to take great pictures. You just need to have the right skills.

Weighing at only 155g, this is one ‘light’ smart phone. Some of the smart phones can be real heavy as there are many advance technologies underneath the cover. There is a built-in 1GB memory space but you can expand it up to 16GB for more storage space if you need it.

With its super fast internet connection (thanks to HSDPA), you can connect to the internet easily at anytime and anywhere. You can even use your Blackberry Storm as a modem for your PC or laptop whenever you need to go online. This is also what we call mobile broadband.

That is not all, check out the Blackberry Desktop Software that helps you organize your work on your phone especially Outlook for emails. You will find that using the Blackberry Storm is much easier. Blackberry Storm is suitable for business use but then again is it the best Blackberry phones so far? Only you can tell.